The essence of Keiretsu Forum at its birthplace

Last Wednesday, 17th of October 2018, two Berkeley Haas Students, Kira Brakhage and Natàlia Costa i Coromina, had the chance to attend the Keiretsu Forum Meeting at San Francisco thanks to the invitation sent by Keiretsu Forum Barcelona. They had the chance to listen to four pitches from very diverse companies, ranging from environmentally focused ones, to video games and medical related ventures.

This unique opportunity allowed them to understand the challenges entailed on being an investor or an entrepreneur. “Being an investor implies giving and creating opportunities and providing a mature guidance, and being an entrepreneur requires a critical and constructive mindset to create a better tomorrow for the coming generations. The impact of the new venture investments is infinite, and it requires brave and responsible leaders” are some of the key lessons they shared with us.

All in all, Kira and Natàlia concluded that your age, your background or the stage of your idea are never limitations to success. Instead, some of the key pillars that will lead to it are passion and dedication, embracing failure, understanding the importance of listening to feedback and to never stop asking questions.

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